Hannells Pulls Out All The Stops To Find New Home For Victims Of Giant Firework

Ted and Wendy Bagshaw were left devastated when a stray, giant firework recently crashed through the roof of their home in Havenbaulk Avenue and exploded, causing complete devastation and thousands of pounds worth of damage…

The property was destroyed meaning that Ted, Wendy and their two chihuahuas were left homeless and won’t be able to return for months after the incident which took place at about 8pm on Saturday 4th November.

Keen to find alternative accommodation quickly, the couple visited the team at Hannells Lettings  who pulled out all the stops to find a suitable property for them.

After a great combined team effort, the Lettings team had moved Ted and Wendy in to a new property within a week of the incident.

Not only that, but they had managed to source Ted and Wendy a brilliant property, on the very same street so that they can keep an eye on the on-going repairs to their previous home of more than 30 years.

Plus, the Landlord was extremely understanding and had no problem accommodating the two, family pets.

So, whilst it is by no means a happy ending for the Derby couple and there are fewer worse times than in the lead up to Christmas for something like this to happen, it means that finding a place to live is just one of the things that they no longer have to worry about.

Hannells would like to wish Ted, Wendy and the two chihuahuas the best of luck in settling in at their new home.

For more information on the incident, view the full story here online at the Derby Telegraph website

Hannells – A Moving Experience…





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